Porcelain Insulator

Porcelain insulators on transmission and distribution lines from 0.4kV to 220Kv. Include suspension insulators, spool insulators, strain insulators, pin type insulators, line post insulator, station post insulators.
  • Spool Insulators

    Spool Insulators★ Preferred material
    ★ Durable
    ★ Work Efficiently
    ★ Humanization design

  • Line Post Insulators

    Line Post Insulators★ good mechanical strength
    ★ zero value deterioration
    ★ Reliable performance of transmission lines
    ★ ensure no string breakage failures occur

  • Suspension Insulator

    Suspension Insulator★ Insulation control
    ★ The insulator supporting the wire
    ★ Strong corrosion resistance
    ★ Electrical performance

  • Strain Insulators

    Strain Insulators★ Strain Insulators has humanization design
    ★ Corrosion resistant insulation
    ★ Wear-resistant and durable
    ★ High degree of smoothness

  • Pin Type Insulators

    Pin Type Insulators◆Corrosion resistant insulation
    ◆Wear-resistant and durable
    ◆Good electrical performance
    ◆The insulator supporting the wire

  • Station Post Insulators

    Station Post Insulators★ Station Post Insulators can play an important role in overhead transmission lines, and it can also withstand sunlight, rain, climate change and chemical corrosion.Otherwise, it has good electrical performance as well as sufficient mechanical strength.

  • Spindles

    Spindles★ Spindles, unbreakable and light weight
    ★ Easiest handing and transportation
    ★ Long service life.

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