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Zhoushan 500 KV Interconnected Transmission And Transformation Project Put Into Operation
- Jan 22, 2019 -

On January 15, Zhoushan 500 KV interconnected transmission and transformation project was put into operation. This is the largest and most technically difficult cross-sea power transmission and transformation project in the history of China's power construction. It has set 14 world records for the construction of the world's highest transmission tower and the laying of the world's first 500 kilovolt cross-linked polyethylene cable.

Two new 380 meters transmission towers in the project adopted four-circuit transmission lines with mixed voltage on the same tower, which broke ten world records of the height, weight and side length of the tower foundation. The world's first 500 kilovolt cross-linked polyethylene cable laid by the project is developed and manufactured independently, and its application relieves China's dependence on 500 kilovolt imported cable. Qifan 9, a construction ship for cable construction, is an advanced cable construction ship independently designed and manufactured in China. It provides reliable equipment and technical support for cable laying. The newly built Weiyuan substation is the first 500 kilovolt substation built on the ocean beach in China. It marks that the State Grid Corporation has mastered the key technology of building 500 kilovolt substation on the ocean beach. A series of major breakthroughs show that China has mastered advanced marine transmission technology to solve the world's difficult problems with "Made in China".