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Zhengzhou Company: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Power Grid For Winter
- Nov 30, 2018 -

On November 29, Zhengzhou Power Supply Company organized its staff to inspect 220 kilovolt Guanfeng Line and 220 kilovolt I Fenghao Line by the way of UAV cruising.

Before the take-off, the person in charge and the operator will investigate and confirm the working environment, the direction and trend of the patrol route, the situation of crossover and other information, and plan the flight route of the UAV. After completing the formalities of safe submission of relevant work tickets and reconfirming the normal operation of UAV patrol system, the operators formally put into work.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) takes multi-angle and meticulous photographs and records of insulators, fittings and other parts of the line respectively. The image discriminator carries on the comprehensive and careful analysis to the photographed image according to the relevant professional requirements. Once the problem is found, it will name and file it in the form of "voltage level + line name + tower number + space location + defect content", and notify the maintenance personnel to process it in time and check it correctly. After that, the "sales number" will be carried out.

In order to ensure the safety of power grid lines in winter, further enhance the efficiency of transmission line inspection and improve the intrinsic safety level of lines, Zhengzhou Company vigorously promotes the application of UAV in line inspection, and achieves remarkable results. Since the use of UAV to participate in the inspection of transmission lines, Zhengzhou Company has inspected more than 1500 bases of "three-span" towers, and found and dealt with more than 200 hidden dangers. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) participating in route inspection reduces the time for staff to move on the tower and from checkpoints. It can detect some hidden defects on the tower more quickly, improve the overall work efficiency, and ensure the safety and stability of the line during winter.