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Zhengzhou Company: 500 Thousand Volt Wuzhou Substation Delivery Project Completed
- Jun 21, 2018 -

In June 13th, with the smooth transmission of 220 thousand volt Er Chen line, the 500 thousand volt Wuzhou substation 220 thousand volts sent out the whole line, which greatly relieved the power supply pressure in the southern radiation area of Zhengzhou.

The project is located in Xinmi. It is the key power construction project in Henan province. The construction of the 60 foundation of the new tower and the ground line is 19 kilometers. It involves the modification of seven 220 thousand volt lines, and the construction period is nearly 3 months.

During the construction period, the lines have crossed Zheng Yao high-speed, Shang Deng high-speed, Xinmi railway and intercity railway over ten times. At the same time, it involves the changing of 220 thousand volt Chen Zhuang, Qi Xia change, Er Wan change, Zhengzhou change station protection and replacement, measurement system transformation task. Because of short power outage time, large amount of work and many dangerous points brought severe test to the construction.

During the construction, Zhengzhou company strictly follow the requirements of safety and civilization construction, organized various safety inspection work, strictly enforced the person in charge and the person in charge of the project to "go with the same", set up an emergency work group, set up an emergency duty system, carry out emergency rehearsal in stages, and strictly hold the staff. The safety and civilized construction standards are carried out, the construction plan and the field process flow are carefully carried out, the content of power outage construction is arranged scientifically, and the site organization will be strengthened after the pre class meeting. The safety inspection team of the national network company, the security inspector group of the central China branch, the provincial company and the Zhengzhou company safety inspection team have many times to dash. The "four non two straight" inspection was carried out at the industrial site, and the safety, quality and schedule of the project were ensured through strict requirements, layer control and monitoring.