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Yinchuan City Of Ningxia Will Be Built Into Smart Grid In 2025
- Dec 06, 2018 -

In order to meet the requirements of the construction and development of smart cities, the Yinchuan Municipal Government and Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement recently to accelerate the construction of Yinchuan smart grid. It is planned to build a "safe, reliable, high-quality, efficient, green, low-carbon, intelligent interaction" smart grid by 2025.

It is understood that the two sides will work together to apply advanced technologies such as big data analysis, intelligent dispatching, distribution automation, new energy operation control and active distribution network to strengthen the intelligent construction of Yinchuan power grid.

In promoting the development of new energy industry, Yinchuan actively explores the new mechanism of market-oriented development of new energy, and promotes the effective connection of new energy and renewable energy power generation with other power sources and power grids. At the same time, we should strengthen grid-connected services, integrate advanced energy storage technology, information technology, micro-grid and smart grid technology, improve system absorptive capacity and energy efficiency, and promote the rapid development of green and clean energy in Yinchuan City.

In addition, Yinchuan will vigorously promote the substitution of electric energy and develop electric heating according to local conditions. We will expand the scope and depth of energy substitution in key areas such as civil, industrial and commercial, construction and transportation, actively promote the development of coal-to-electricity and green transportation, increase investment in power substitution facilities, and guide new energy consumption patterns of green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection.

It is understood that the two sides will also accelerate the new round of rural power grid upgrading in Yinchuan, implement rural re-electrification project, and build a safe, reliable, strong structure, friendly and interactive modern rural power grid by 2020.