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What Is The Concept Of The Development Of Smart Grid?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

China is one of the early development countries of the smart grid. Based on the characteristics of energy resources distribution and the demand for rapid economic and social development, it is put forward on the basis of the implementation of the "one special four big" strategy, which is to accelerate the construction of UHV power grid and promote the intensive development of large coal and electricity, large hydropower, large nuclear power and large renewable energy base areas. The development concept of strong smart grid.

The strong smart grid takes the UHV power grid as the backbone network frame and the power grid at all levels. It covers all links of power supply, transmission, power transmission, distribution, power use and dispatching. It integrates modern communication information technology, automatic control technology, decision support technology and advanced power technology. It has information, automation and interaction. It is a new type of modern power grid which can significantly improve the safety and reliability of power system and operation efficiency.

"Strong" and "intelligent" are the basic requirements for the development of modern power grids. "Strong network frame" is the foundation, which is the guarantee of large range of resources allocation and safe and reliable power supply. "the widely use of intelligence" is the key to the wide application of all kinds of intelligent technology in every link of the power system, improving the adaptability, controllability and security of the power grid in all directions. The development of modern power grids must adhere to both "strong" and "intelligent".

With the acceleration of "two alternatives", the scale of clean energy utilization is becoming larger and larger, the proportion of electric energy in the terminal energy demand is increasing, and the efficiency of the power grid is more significant. It will further promote the global power grid to interconnect, and gradually realize the global interconnection of the power grid and clean energy globalforming a strong global smart grid.