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The Grid Will Be Integrated Into AI In The Future.
- Aug 29, 2018 -

With the development of advanced information and communication technology, distribution network will become a dynamic, efficient, convenient and interactive super-architecture network for real-time information and power exchange. Information and communication technology links up the demand of power supply and customers effectively, and integrates various communication modes to realize effective and reliable information transmission. It establishes panoramic real-time and seamless exchange data model of distribution network, realizes high reliable and real-time communication, and ensures the connection, cooperation and interaction between distribution network and customers at all levels.

Therefore, based on advanced power electronics technology, nano-materials, low-power technology, distribution network can also achieve power quality control, reduce system loss.

"At present, we are studying the application of artificial intelligence in power grid, which covers power load forecasting, power grid hidden trouble forecasting in extreme weather, power grid dispatching simulation and other fields." The application of artificial intelligence in power transmission and distribution network is just at the beginning and is still in the exploratory stage, said Xun Xin, research and development center of Nanrui Research Institute.

For example, we have given artificial intelligence (AI) to study and compare the tripping data, typhoon path, tower wind resistance parameters caused by typhoons in East China in recent years. The results show that the accuracy of artificial intelligence "predicting" the probability of line tripping caused by typhoon is 20% higher than that of traditional algorithm and physical modeling. In the future, with the continuous upgrading of hardware, data, algorithms, artificial intelligence in the grid application prospects are promising.