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The Development Prospect Of Insulator Industry Is Promising
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Insulation column, also known as insulator, insulation isolation column, is two times the equipment to provide insulation and coordination of the special parts, it is mainly used in the cabinet confluence of copper row and cabinet between the shell of the insulation and the copper row of the fixed support, to ensure that the product in the HIGH-STRENGTH mechanical environment to use.

"2011 China high-voltage insulator Industry analysis and Investment prospect Forecast report" shows that in recent years, the development of China's power industry has brought unprecedented opportunities to the insulator industry, industry enterprises should grasp the opportunity to rely on technological progress and strengthen quality management, fully meet the needs of the power industry, Especially high-grade hollow porcelain insulator and casing products market demand. With the development of urban network and intelligent power grid construction in China, the demand for insulators is soaring, the market potential is huge, and the prospects are promising.