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State Grid Henan Electric Power Promotes “Electric Instead Of Coal” Project
- Sep 07, 2018 -

On September 4, the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company is speeding up the construction of the "coal for electricity" supporting power grid project in accordance with the "village-wide promotion" mode to ensure the completion of Henan Province's "coal for electricity" customer heating target tasks on schedule, providing a strong guarantee for residents heating this winter, prevention and control of air pollution.

Last year, 1.11 million customers in Henan Province spent the winter heating power equivalent to 700,000 tons of loose coal burned at the client terminals, 1.28 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and 410,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions, effectively promoting the control of loose coal and the improvement of atmospheric quality in Henan Province. According to the heating work program of "replacing coal by electricity" and "replacing coal by gas" issued by Henan Development and Reform Commission, the whole province plans to complete the target task of "replacing coal by electricity" by the end of October this year.

In order to ensure the smooth start of the "coal substitution by electricity" work, the Henan Electric Power Network of the State Grid takes the initiative to assist the government departments to complete the work of "coal substitution by electricity" and "household confirmation by village" in accordance with the actual situation of the local government departments in establishing files and licensing cards and power grid. According to statistics, this year the province plans to complete the "electricity for coal" customer 1.134 million households, involving 7,096 villages and projects. The State Grid Henan Electric Power Company also gives full play to its own advantages, assists the government departments to do a good job in investigating the potential of electricity heating in non-central heating areas and implementing the calculation of boundary conditions, jointly promotes the "electricity for coal" heating projects of social enterprises, and creates a number of good demonstration results and high satisfaction of the masses in the field of distributed and distributed heating.