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Sharing The Power Line Tower
- Jun 28, 2018 -

You must have heard of a shared bike,Share the rechargeable treasure, Share the umbrella...,now, there is a new thing to share—the power tower!

What’s the shared power tower? In fact, it is to install a communication base on power towers, especially to install communication base stations on high voltage transmission towers. Power and communication share a single tower, which can solve the problem of electricity and solve the problem of signal coverage.

There are several advantages about shared power tower. The first is that the scientist has proved that the frequency of power grid operation is low frequency band, communication base station is transmitted to high frequency band, and the two is like parallel line that never intersects. It will not cause any influence to each other. The staff of the iron tower company and the Power Grid Corp have already calculated and analyzed the electric field and magnetic field theory of different voltage grade lines. From the technical theory and the parameters of communication equipment, the electromagnetic field of the power line will not affect the communication equipment.

Second, the height of the equipment installed on the tower not only meets the needs of the signal power line towercoverage, but also meets the safety distance of the charged operation of each voltage grade line, and is convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in the future. At the same time, the communication device antenna installed on the electric power tower uses the voltage at 48 V, which exceeds the safe voltage. The insulation casing should be processed on the power lines installed on these towers so as to avoid direct contact with the tower.

Third, in order to effectively prevent the impact of lightning strikes, realize the independence of the equipment and ensure the safety of power and communication, the communication equipment, according to the requirements of the lightning protection standard, makes the self-built ground net mine into the ground, and prevents the power tower from hitting the mobile integrated cabinet after the lightning strikes.

The "shared iron tower" can not only reduce the consumption of land, manpower and equipment materials and cost of the tower, but also promote the use of idle resources and improve the economic benefits of the power grid enterprises. At the same time, it is beneficial to the "complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and harmonious development" of state-owned assets.