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Precautions For Installation Of Glass Insulators
- Feb 20, 2016 -

    Insulators and wall casing should be inspected before the installation, porcelain, flange should be complete without cracks, glue at the filling of the complete, strong combination.

    A pillar insulator mounted on the same plane or vertical plane or on top of a wall casing, should be located in the same plane, its center line position should meet the design requirements, bus line section of the Pillar Insulator installation center line should be in the same line, its base or flange shall not be buried in concrete or plastering layer.

    Pillar insulator stacking, the center line should be consistent, fixed should be firm, fasteners should be complete, no base and top hat of the inner rubber-loaded low-voltage pillar insulator and metal fixed parts between the contact surface should be cushion thickness not less than 1.5mm of rubber or asbestos paper cushion gasket.