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New Charging Cable Unveiled At Shanghai Charging Equipment Exhibition
- Aug 31, 2018 -

The 12th Shanghai International Charging Station (Pile) Technical Equipment Exhibition was held in Shanghai. Nearly 50 enterprises, such as Dorset, Zhongtian Science and Technology, First Aviation Electronics, Austrian Power, Bellville and Ida New Energy, exhibited new cable and charging gun products, such as liquid-cooled cable, liquid-cooled charging gun and liquid-cooled socket. 

According to the introduction, the liquid-cooled cable can conduct electricity and dissipate heat with coolant at the same time. The cooling system can effectively reduce the temperature and ensure the operation of higher current without damaging the cable.

The complete set of industrialization technology for low rank coal pyrolysis of Guodian Fu Tong is identified.

Recently, the Sinopec Federation organized and held a scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting on SM-GF, which was jointly developed by Shanxi Coal Group and Guofutong Company under Nanrui Branch of State Power Company. The expert group agreed that the technology has realized the industrialized operation of medium-low temperature pyrolysis of low-rank coal, high yield, good quality of gas, tar and semi-coke products, flexible regulation and control, high energy utilization, long-term operation of the plant, comprehensive performance and indicators to reach the international leading level, agreed to pass the appraisal.