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Nanshan Wind Farm Completes Its Annual Power Generation Task Six Days Ahead Of Schedule
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Until December 25, the Nanshan wind farm of New Energy Guangxi Company has completed 100.15% of its annual power generation task, six days ahead of schedule.

Since entering the winter season, the company has used the Winter Gale to rush for power generation, implemented the core concept of "value thinking benefit orientation", established the consciousness of "power is king", and achieved the competition of power consumption with four-step strategy. One is to strengthen the treatment of fan equipment, carry out fan defect detection, eliminate the hidden dangers of fan equipment in time, and ensure the good operation of power generation equipment. The second is to strengthen the inspection of collector lines, check transmission lines and surrounding mountain conditions, and prevent accidents caused by natural disasters. Thirdly, we should do a good job of equipment monitoring, increase the number of equipment patrols, timely check the operation of transformers, SVG equipment and electrical control equipment, timely adjust the reactive power factor according to the wind speed, and ensure the maximum output of equipment. Fourth, do a good job of personnel management, timely detection of faults and solutions, reduce the fan failure downtime, rush to generate electricity.