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Luohe Power Plant Realizes The First Month Of The New Year's Electricity A Good Start
- Feb 12, 2019 -

In January 2019, the Datang Huainan Luohe Power Plant overfulfilled its monthly power generation plan, generating an additional 663 million kilowatt-hours of electricity over the same period of the year, thus making the first month of the New Year a success.

In terms of fuel supply, the plant has close communication with Huainan two major mines, firmly grasping the contract of the CPPCC and striving to improve the rate of coal fulfillment; relying on the fuel procurement platform, increasing the amount of coal purchased outside the province to meet the needs of multiple coal blending units; increasing the maintenance and maintenance of coal unloading, coal conveying, pulverizing and other systems and equipment, and implementing emergency management of receiving and unloading frozen coal during the winter peak season. Guarantee smooth flow of incoming coal handling, transferring and blending.

In terms of daily management, the factory strictly implements the system of on-site inspection, on-site monitoring of major operations, double duty and so on, enlarges the supervision and inspection of "two tickets, three systems", and reasonably arranges the work of unit adjustment and reserve, inspection and maintenance, and designs and optimizes the operation, energy consumption control, technical transformation and other key actions in order to improve the integration of on-line operation and standby units.