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Luohe Company: Special Inspection To Ensure The Normal Operation Of The Power Grid In The Summer
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Up to August 4th, Luohe power supply company substation maintenance professionals successfully completed the Wuyang area of two 110 thousand volts and nine 35 thousand volt substation DC system inspection work, accumulative elimination of defects 13, to further enhance the health level of Wuyang power grid equipment, to ensure the smooth operation of the power grid during the summer peak.

It is understood that since the city and county power transformer intensive maintenance work has been carried out, Luohe company has accelerated the integration of personnel and equipment and other resources, and has carried out the substation equipment inspection work in a professional way. It fully grasps the operation of the main equipment of the 11 substations, laying the foundation for the smooth operation of the major maintenance work. As the "heart" and "arterial power supply" of the substation, DC system plays a very important role. In order to fully grasp the running situation of the DC system of 35 thousand volts and more substations in Wuyang, Luohe company has completed the inspection task of all DC equipment for 15 days.

In this special inspection, the maintenance personnel strictly observe and check the "two units and four units" of the DC system in strict accordance with the standardized operation requirements, and further master the operating conditions. According to the requirements of the DC equipment operation regulations, the data of the DC system configuration of each station can be combined with the annual technical reform and maintenance plan, so as to achieve rapid and full convergence. For the problems found in this inspection, the maintenance personnel adopt the corresponding treatment measures according to the critical degree and do a good emergency plan to ensure the stable operation of the equipment during the summer. Combined with the state maintenance mechanism, the test data is analyzed in all directions, and the analysis report and data account are formed, which provides a detailed basis for the operation, maintenance, inspection and analysis of the DC system in the future. At the same time, the maintenance personnel also carried out the evaluation after the operation, according to the results of the evaluation, further supplement the rectification work of the next stage, aiming at the operation of DC equipment in Wuyang substation, improving the emergency supplies, doing a good job of preparing for the emergency repair, and ensuring the safety and stability of the power grid.