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Liu Zhenya: UHV Power Grid Is The Key To Building The Global Energy Internet
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Liu Zhenya, chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, gave a lecture entitled "Energy Innovation: From UHV Grid to Global Energy Internet" to about 600 Russian teachers and students in the auditorium of the Moscow Dynamics Institute. He pointed out that the UHV power grid is the key to building the global energy Internet.

According to Liu Zhenya, the UHV power grid is composed of 1000 kV AC, 800 kV and 1100 kV DC systems, which can realize thousands of kilometers and tens of millions of kilowatts of power transmission and interconnection of transnational intercontinental power grids. It also has significant advantages such as large capacity, high efficiency, low loss, low land occupation and good security. It has the major global clean performance. Both the source base and the electricity consumption area can be placed in the UHV power grid coverage. Therefore, UHV power grids play a key role in building the global energy Internet.

At present, energy development in Northeast Asia is facing three challenges: large-scale and fast-growing energy consumption; high dependence on extraterritorial imports for energy supply; irrational energy structure; fossil energy consumption in Northeast Asia accounts for 90% of its total energy consumption. Based on this, the construction of energy Internet in Northeast Asia is the key to the sustainable development of regional energy.