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Learn From The Model Of The Times, Zhang Liming
- Jul 05, 2018 -

In June 27th, the Central Propaganda Department, the State Council's SASAC, the China National Federation of trade unions and the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee were held in the Great Hall of the people's great hall in Beijing. Comrade Zhang Liming's advanced deeds have aroused enthusiastic response from all sectors of society. It has set off an upsurge in learning from Comrade Zhang Liming.

"Time model" Zhang Liming is an outstanding representative of industrial workers. He is an advanced representative of knowledgeable, skillful and innovative worker. He is a "blue collar craftsman". With practical action, he explained the important thought of the chairman, Xi Jinping’s  "the most glorious work, the highest labor, the greatest labor, the most beautiful labor, and the most beautiful labor" with his practical action, and wrote the song of the workers in the new era. To learn from Comrade Zhang Liming, we should learn from the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, to learn the political character that he does not forget the goal of the beginning, to remember the mission, to root in the basic level and work hard, to explore and innovate the enterprising spirit, to be willing to dedicate and serve the people. The mental state is determined to forge ahead, strive hard and strive for first-class results.

In accordance with the "construction of knowledge type, skill type, innovative laborer's army, developing the spirit of labor model and craftsman, creating a glorious social style of labor and improving the spirit of dedication", the mechanism, system and environment conducive to the growth of "blue collar craftsmen" should be created in accordance with the nineteen major reports of the party, speeding up the construction of high skilled personnel team. We should take the dawn communist party service team as an example, further deepen the construction of the Communist party service team of the state power grid, strive to be a good employee of the new dawn style, be the striving for the new times bravely, and contribute to the construction of the world's first-class energy Internet enterprise with excellent competitiveness.