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Henan Has Completed The Transformation Of The Central Village's Rural Network This Year
- Sep 12, 2018 -

To build a leading urban and rural distribution network in the central region, the Henan Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the development of urban and rural distribution network in Henan Province. The plan points out that by the end of 2017, Henan will realize the "village-to-village" of natural village power and the "well-to-well" of plain well-motor power, and complete the upgrading of the rural network in the central village in an all-round way.

 According to the target put forward in the plan, by the end of 2018, Henan will complete the transformation of power grid in all poverty-stricken villages and build a number of well-off power demonstration counties; by 2020, the power supply quality of central cities (districts) will reach the advanced level in China, the power supply quality of urban and rural areas will reach the average level in China, and the overall level of distribution network development will reach the leading level in the central region. The main technical indicators are all up to or above the requirements of the national distribution network construction and transformation.

Rural power network is a weak link of urban and rural distribution network. The plan calls for the full implementation of accurate poverty alleviation of rural power grid, the completion of all poverty-stricken rural power grid transformation, the realization of power "village-to-village" and plain well-to-well power "well-to-well" and the strengthening of power grid construction to fully guarantee the access of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects.

According to the plan, Henan will make great efforts to comprehensively promote the construction of poverty alleviation projects by power grids, increase the support for electric power development in poverty-stricken areas, adhere to the principle of "one county, one township, one village, one plan" and focus on the poverty alleviation targets of 53 poor counties and 6,492 poor villages in Henan Province, and concentrate on a three-year period (2016-2018) to solve the problems of inadequate power supply capacity, low reliability and power failure in poverty-stricken areas, upgrading the power supply capacity and quality in poverty-stricken areas, and the power supply guarantee capacity should be doubled as well.