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Henan 500 Thousand Volts Smart City Substation Put Into Operation
- Oct 12, 2018 -

On September 27, with the successful primary power supply of No. 2 main transformer and the normal operation of the secondary parameters, Henan Luohe 500 kV Yancheng Smart Substation was put into operation.

Located in Yancheng District of Luohe City, 500 kV Yancheng Substation is the 42nd 500 kV substation constructed by Henan Electric Power Co., Ltd. The station has 1 group of 1 million KVA main transformers, 4500 kV outgoing lines and 6220 kV outgoing lines, 4 group of 1 million KVA main transformers, 8500 kV outgoing lines and 12 outgoing lines. The station will meet the electricity demand of Luohe City in June 2016, relieve the voltage supply of 500 kV Shaoling substation, optimize the 220 kV power grid structure of Luohe, improve the operation reliability of the western power grid of Luohe, and provide guarantee for the peak winter of Luohe power grid. 

Before the station is put into operation, Henan Electric Power Inspection and Repair Company actively organizes various professional technical backbones according to the requirements of "procedural" acceptance work, strictly implements the "five links and one measure" and makes detailed acceptance plan, which lays a solid foundation for the smooth operation of 500 kV Yancheng substation.