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Grounding Wire Clamp Related Knowledge
- May 15, 2016 -

The grounding clamp is mainly composed of reinforced shell, bayonet blade, gasket, waterproof silicone grease, high-strength bolts, torque nut and cable terminal cap cover, when the cable needs to do branch or continuous, the cable branch terminal into the waterproof terminal cap sleeve, determine the main branch position, with a socket wrench twist line clamp on the Force matrix Nut, The contact blade in the process will pierce the insulating layer of the cable, contact with the conductor, sealing gasket ring-pressure cable was pierced in the vicinity of the shell, silicone grease overflow, when the torque reached the set value, the nut moment mechanism off, the main line and feeder is connected, and waterproof performance and electrical effect reached the standard requirements of the parameters.