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GE Launches New Ground Type Blade Detection System
- Oct 16, 2018 -

GE has introduced a new ground-based blade detection system that can reduce operating and maintenance costs by about 25%.

The new method combines thermal imaging technology with broadband acoustic spectrum analysis to detect blade abnormalities in GE and other fan manufacturers.

GE said that real-time transmission of data reduced the need for tower top inspection, and about 1,500 units have been inspected through the technology, with an average inspection time of about 15 minutes per unit.

The system is installed at the bottom of the tower of the wind turbine. When the blade rotates under the effective load, a series of records are made on the blade.

This system can realize real-time detection of blade health on the ground, with advanced digital image analysis function, can detect and analyze various anomalies. It can also automatically detects and analyzes the sound to determine the exact location of the problem.

The system can detect and analyze a series of defects, including fatigue cracks, delamination, bonding problems, bond fracture, cracks and so on.

GE said the system is currently in use in North America and will be extended to other areas in the next few months.