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Everyone Shares The Smart Energy Ecosystem
- Aug 15, 2018 -

At present, the world is in a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the process of electrification further accelerated development, distributed photovoltaic, electric vehicles, energy storage and other new energy equipment widely used, so that users from the traditional "consumers" into "producers and consumers", everyone can use electricity, but also can generate electricity, the interaction between users and the grid has been strengthened.

With smart energy services, future electric vehicle owners can choose cheap clean electricity, and Shanghai owners can also use light from Gansu. In the spare time of electric vehicles, the owners of surplus electricity can also sell to the grid to benefit; the owners of distributed generation can use smart energy services to make their own. Electric power is allocated to all parts of the country to get higher returns.

Intelligent energy service system uses Internet technologies such as cloud movement to build a platform for optimizing the allocation of resources, realize the interconnection of energy varieties and energy needs, give full play to the intelligent and diversified characteristics of energy equipment, and let users freely choose clean energy consumption. It is the important basic for energy service sharing and energy efficient utilization.

It is understood that the State Grid Corporation will continue to innovate and build a smart energy service system, adhere to the "multi-tenant, ecological open" platform thinking, follow the "cloud platform + micro-service" Internet architecture, build a basic data layer as the support, cloud control system layer as the core of the smart energy service system, to achieve massive heterogeneous data Agglomeration and modeling analysis, resource sharing and capacity output, development and operation of innovative applications, support intelligent production decision-making, optimal allocation of resources, business model innovation and industrial ecological cultivation, and build a new shared and open energy services ecology.