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Ensure Users' Safe And Reliable Power Supply Is Not Affected
- Jul 19, 2018 -

After entering the deep water area, the doubts of stakeholders can not be ignored. Many users worry about the choice of market trading, what should they do when facing the mandatory demand for electricity use? Users choose to withdraw from market trading, will be forced to power off or add the electric price? And power enterprises are also worried, after signing a contract, the user at random exit, who is responsible for the loss?

"The reform persists in the principle of active and stable, ensuring the safe and reliable power supply of the user is not affected, and will never allow the interruption of power supply caused by the entry of the electricity market." Zhao Chenxin said that the power grid enterprises should undertake the responsibility of protecting the power supply, and provide the power users who temporarily fail to sign the direct transaction contract, as well as the electric power users who have participated in the market transaction and withdrew, and charge the electricity fee according to the relevant policies.

To push ahead with reform steadily, the "visible hand" cannot be offside. The notice requires that the relevant departments of all regions should minimize interference in micro affairs, fully respect and give full play to the market main body status of the enterprises, do not interfere with the signing of contracts, do not force enterprises to determine electricity and electricity prices, do not interfere with the performance of contracts, and do not carry out local protection.

To push ahead with reform steadily, the "visible hand" must not be absent. There are disputes in the market, and afterwards supervision is very important. The notice requires that the relevant departments should establish and improve the arbitration mechanism for the coordination of transaction contract disputes, make a timely decision on the disputes arising in the process of contract performance, create a fair market environment, and resolutely avoid the impact of the reliable power supply caused by the contract disputes, and properly resolve the cause of the force majeure. It is difficult to enforce contracts and other issues, so as to avoid unfair treatment of market players. As for the market subject that violates the rules of the transaction and the behavior of dishonesty, it will be included in the blacklist of dishonest enterprises into the bad credit record, and the circumstances are especially serious or refusing to rectify.