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Development Of Anti-Vibration Hammer
- Jan 09, 2018 -

The vibration-proof hammer is designed to reduce the vibration of the wire caused by the wind. High-voltage overhead line pole position is high, the pitch is larger, when the conductor is affected by wind, will occur vibration, conductor vibration, the work conditions of the conductor hanging at the most unfavorable, due to multiple vibration, the wire due to periodic bending will occur fatigue damage, When the overhead line is more than 120 meters, the general use of vibration-proof hammer.

In recent years, from Europe to introduce a bolt-free structure of anti-vibration hammer-pre-stranded type anti-vibration hammer, completely avoid the use of bolts caused by the various drawbacks. Later, by the pre-stranded vibration-proof hammer evolved a series of non-bolt structure of anti-vibration hammer, such as the hippocampus antiskid anti-vibration hammer, hook-wire anti-vibration hammer, etc. are popular all over the country, but all benefit from the pre-stranded structure of this foundation.