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Clean Utilization Of Coal Has Achieved Remarkable Results
- Dec 12, 2018 -

In recent years, the pace of clean and efficient utilization on demand side in China has been accelerating. As the "main force" of coal consumption, the thermal power industry accelerates the promotion and application of ultra-low emission technology in coal-fired power plants. After the technical transformation of ultra-low emission of coal-fired power plants, the main atmospheric emission indexes such as smoke, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are lower than the emission standards of natural gas power plants.

According to the data released by the State Energy Administration, 580 million kilowatts of ultra-low emission technical transformation of coal-fired power plants have been completed in the country, exceeding the target of the ultra-low emission transformation plan of power plants; by 2020, the whole country will complete the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants to achieve clean power generation. 

From the point of view of clean heating, the successful popularization of high efficiency pulverized coal industrial boiler technology has also achieved remarkable results. According to the detection by relevant state agencies, the thermal efficiency and emission indexes of high efficiency pulverized coal boilers are comparable to those of natural gas boilers, especially when the high efficiency pulverized coal combustion is sufficient, even more environmentally friendly than natural gas boilers. More importantly, the fuel procurement cost per unit calorific value of high efficiency pulverized coal boilers is only about one third of that of natural gas boilers.

At present, our country should continue to rely on scientific and technological innovation, promote key technology research, equipment development and new technology popularization and application, and raise the clean and efficient utilization of coal to a new level and reach a new level.