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China's First Large-scale Electric Vehicle Orderly Charging Project
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Turn on the phone "e charging" APP, click the orderly charging service, make an appointment charge of 25 kwh, and make an appointment at 8 o'clock the next day to pick up the car. After work in July 12th, Mr. Chen, a resident of the Zhengzhou shijijiayuan district, came to the District of the orderly charging pile to charge his electric car. After the operation was completed on the mobile phone, the charging pile automatically charged it at night valley time according to the power of 3.5kw. 

The 50 ordered charging piles newly built in Zhengzhou shijijiayuan residential area were put into operation in July 9th. It is the first large-scale electric vehicle charging project in China. The project is one of the first pilot projects launched by the company in accordance with the national Power Grid Corp on electric vehicles "80% in the home, 80% filling the low valley", and doing a good job of "one car and one pile" of the power supply service in the residential area. 

Unlike traditional AC fixed output power of 7 kW, the output power of ordered charging piles ranges from 1.3 kW to 7 kW. The whole project is the main station with the national network of intelligent energy service system. It can fully excavate the existing grid resources and make full use of the "first charge" principle in accordance with the "first charge" principle. The electricity plan controls and adjusts the output power of the charging pile, and guides users to charge orderly and charge at low valley.

According to estimates, by 2020, the size of electric vehicles in Henan is expected to reach 350 thousand, according to the "one car one pile", a single AC charging pile 7 kilowatts configuration, the implementation of ordered charging can save about 27 billion 614 million yuan of electricity investment, and the annual increase of electricity consumption of 788 million kwh. If the electricity price is 0.568 yuan per kilowatt hour and the charge service charge is 0.60 yuan / kWh, the charge income can be increased by 448 million yuan per year for the power grid and 473 million yuan for the investment return and the operation and maintenance service charge for the construction of the power grid. With the rapid growth of the number of electric vehicles, the efficiency of orderly charging will be more and more significant when meeting the demand of large scale home charging.