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China Energy Construction Group Northwest Electric Power Construction Bid Feixian County Wind Farm Project
- Sep 18, 2018 -

On May 21, China will be able to build the project of the base, road and installation section B of the 96 MW wind farm in the northwest power construction bidding country, Feixian.

It is reported that the 96 MW wind power project in Guofei County is located in Feixian County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. The center of the wind farm is about 11.5 km away from Feixian County. The proposed site is about 16.8 km long in East and west, 12.5 km wide in North and south, with an area of about 205 km. There are provincial road S229 in the east, provincial road S342 in the south, provincial road S234 in the West and national road G327 in the north. Several rural roads crisscross the site. The construction scale of the project is 96 MW, 48 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 2000 KW are installed, and a 110 kV boost station is built. The project is divided into 2 tender sections. This tender section is B tender section. There are 24 fan (including box change) foundations, installation level, fan (including box change) installation and road construction in the field. After the completion of the project, it can realize the goals of developing clean energy, developing local wind energy resources, adjusting regional power structure, promoting regional economic construction and environmental protection.