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Characteristics Of The Clamp
- Jun 30, 2016 -

1. High clamp strength and reliable grip. Clamp grip strength is not less than 95%cuts (strand calculation tensile force).
2. The wire clamp has uniform stress distribution on the Strand, does not damage the Strand, improves the anti-vibration ability of the Strand, and prolongs the service life of the conductor greatly.
3. Simple installation and easy construction. Can greatly shorten the construction time, without any special tools, one person can complete the operation.
4. The installation quality of the clamp is easy to guarantee and can be inspected with the naked eye without special training.
5. Good corrosion resistance, selection of high-quality materials, material and wire completely consistent, to ensure that the clamp has a strong ability to resist electro-chemical corrosion.
6. Optional anti-theft ring, effectively solve the problem of anti-theft.