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Big Data Bring New Opportunities to the Development of the Power Industry
- Jul 02, 2018 -

The basis of large data is that a large number of data must be mastered. With the popularity of smart grid, power enterprises have natural advantages in terms of customer data volume. There are hundreds of millions of users in large state-owned enterprises to produce a lot of information every day, such as mobile communication technology can record each time point of each user's cell information, combined with mobile GPS can collect more accurate location information; traffic management can collect users' use of each business, user access records; Users will generate word messages every month, and users may evaluate information about the industry in the social network. The era of big data makes the possible on fully tap the value of the data, big data can bring a lot of opportunities in the electric power enterprise information network, customer service, marketing and other aspects of power resource allocation.

(1) Marketing. Using data from the Department of production, operation and marketing, marketing department and electricity sale center, we can deeply analyze the large data to find the target customers, formulate targeted marketing strategies, track customers' electricity consumption, and make reasonable tracking for the application of new installation, compatibilization, suspension, and analyze the date of customers to specify a reasonable electricity consumption plan.

(2) Resource allocation. Cooperate with the government and enterprises to carry out large data applications. The data that is mastered is a valuable resource for the whole society. As each user every day the use of electricity, when electricity consumption reached a record peak, will be able to monitor the power load of a power line, a power supply area, power supply line configuration to provide reference data for a hand. The real time user power data can also make a reasonable allocation of power shortage and electricity free area for scheduling, reduce the number of stop and electricity limit, reasonably avoid the loss caused by power outage to electricity customers and large and medium-sized enterprises, reduce the contradiction between electricity customers and power enterprises, and help power enterprises achieve a better service work.

The era of big data has brought the results cannot be obtained from a single data, fully tap the user data of the electricity industry, to the enterprise itself and the whole society will bring new value. But big data will also bring some risks, the biggest problem is the violation of user privacy, location, after the disclosure of personal information, users will become "transparent", big data applications should pay attention to avoid the risk.