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Assembling Method Of Lightning-proof Clamp For Repelling Conductor
- Mar 29, 2016 -

A. According to the disposition of the crowding wire and the nominal sectional area, select the corresponding lightning-proof clamp.

B. Lightning-proof wire clamps shall be installed near the insulator of the crowding wire by load measurement, according to the intermediate interval between the insulators, such as the choice of stripping device, the first measurement of the interval, and then direction of the inside 6mm and 58mm of the insulator mark, and then use the common object will be between the two signs factory 64mm insulation wire insulation peel off.

C. Loosen the gland of the lightning-proof clamp, place the wire in the groove, pay attention to the lightning-proof clamp of the arc arm toward the insulator, the arc arm back to the insulator, adjust the spacing between the lightning bolt and the insulator, then use the torsion wrench to tighten the tight nut, then tighten and tighten the nut to avoid loosening, to deal with the insulation wire does not peel the puncture device, the cold weather insulation layer change, the torque wrench should be increased 2N *m torque.