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Application Of Flexible DC Transmission Technology In Different Countries
- Jul 04, 2018 -

At present, all countries in the world fully realize the important role of flexible DC transmission in the construction of renewable energy and smart grid, and the application of flexible direct current transmission project has begun to show an explosive growth. However, the flexible DC transmission projects that have been put into operation all over the world are all point to point systems at the same time. No multi terminal flexible DC transmission project has been put into commercial operation.

In order to meet the demand of renewable energy grid and island power supply, the construction planning of multi terminal flexible DC transmission network in Europe and America has been planned. The planning projects are the TresAmigas Superstation project of the United States and the SouthWestLink project of Sweden Norway.

The TresAmigas Superstation three - terminal flexible DC transmission project in the United States is used to connect the East power grid, the western power grid and the Texas state power grid with three main power grids. The converter station has a capacity of 750 thousand kilowatts and a DC voltage of 345 thousand volts. After commissioning, it will help to improve the reliability and voltage stability caused by intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal power generation.

Sweden-Norway's SouthWestLink three terminal flexible DC transmission project is used to improve the power transmission capacity between Norway Oslo area power grid and the Swedish West Coast power grid and the flexibility of transmission system, and take into account the growing demand for wind power grid connected. The transmission capacity of the project is 700 thousand kilowatt x 2, and the DC voltage is about 300 thousand volts.

At present, there are two multi terminal DC projects in China, one is the four terminal DC transmission demonstration projects of Nan'ao wind farm in the South Power Grid Corp, the DC voltage is + 160 thousand volt and the transmission capacity is 200 thousand KW. The technology project and the demonstration project are expected to be completed in 2014, and the other is the five terminal flexible DC transmission of the national Power Grid Corp, Zhoushan. The project has a DC voltage of 200KV and a transmission capacity of 400 thousand KW. It is the most flexible multi terminal HVDC project currently under construction in China.