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Application And Development Of Optical Fiber Communication In Power System
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The power system communication network is a large scale and well developed private network in China's private communication network. With the acceleration of the optical fiber trend in the communication network, China's power specific communication network has basically completed the transition from the backbone to the access network in many areas. At present, the main services of the power system optical fiber communication include voice, data, broadband service, IP and other conventional telecommunications services; the professional business of electric power production has protection, safety automatic device and broadband data needed for electricity market. In particular, the protection and safety automatic devices put forward higher requirements for the reliability and safety of optical cables. It can be said that optical fiber communication has become an indispensable part of the safe and stable operation of the power system and the production and life of the power system.

The application of optical fiber communication in power communication is first to use the traditional buried, pipeline, overhead and other methods to lay ordinary optical cable in the telecommunication department, and form the power fiber communication system. With the progress of technology, some optoelectronic composite optical cables, which are different from the traditional optical cables and attached to the power lines and mounted on the power towers, are developed since 1970s and 1980s, these optical cables are called power special optical cables. One of the biggest differences between optical fiber communication systems in power systems and other optical fiber communication systems is the specificity of communication cables. The electric power special optical cable is less likely to be damaged by external force, and its reliability is high. Although its cost is relatively high, the cost of construction is low. After years of development, the electric power special optical cable manufacturing and engineering design has matured, especially the OPGW and ADSS technology, in the domestic electric power special optical cable has started large-scale application, such as the long distance main OPGW optical cable line in the Three Gorges Project. Depending on the power system's own line resources, special optical cable avoids the contradictions and entanglements with the outside world in frequency resources, routing coordination, electromagnetic compatibility and so on. It has great initiative and flexibility.

The power system has a strong power network, which is located in cities and villages throughout the country. It is entirely feasible to build an optical fiber communication network by means of power lines and towers. It can also provide broadband channel for developing power grid automation and new relay protection.  At present, the urban network of power system and the transformation of agricultural network have also brought excellent opportunities for the development of power communication. Many provinces, cities and county power bureaus have built optical fiber lines to make full preparation for the realization of the broadband integrated service digital network (B-ISDN).