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Anti-Vibration Hammer Installation Method
- Jan 09, 2016 -

  (1) The measurement of the installation distance of the anti-vibration hammer, the overhanging clamp is from the Clamp center to the center of the anti-vibration Hammer splint, the cable clamp is connected by the PIN center to the anti-vibration Hammer Splint Center, the installation deviation should not be more than ±30mm, according to the design of the given installation distance, from the line clamp Center along the overhead line to the line clamp outside the measurement and draw the mark, the installation position of the Anti-Vibration hammer is set.

  (2) at the mark of the painting, winding one or two layers of aluminum tape, aluminum strap winding length should be greater than anti-vibration Hammer line splint length 10~20mm, aluminum tape winding after its end should be returned to the center of the line splint, anti-vibration Hammer model should be compatible with the pilot wire model.

  (3) The vibration hammer will be installed, tighten the fixed bolt, adjust the vibration hammer of the two hammer, so that with the overhead line parallel, vibration-proof hammer should be perpendicular to the ground, splint bolts should be spring pad.

  (4) When the design for a number of vibration-proof hammer, the general use of equidistant installation method.

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