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What are the advantages of glass insulator?
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Because of the high mechanical strength of the glass insulator surface, the surface is not easy to crack, the electrical strength of the glass is generally kept unchanged throughout the operation, and its aging process is much slower than the porcelain, so the glass insulator mainly because of the damage and scrap, in the first year of operation occurred, But the defects of porcelain insulators only start to be discovered after several years of operation.

The use of glass insulator, can be canceled during the operation of insulators carried out on-line periodic preventive test, this is because each of the tempered glass damage will cause damage to insulators, the operator in the patrol is easy to find it, when the insulator damage, steel caps and iron feet near the glass fragments are jammed, The mechanical strength of the remainder of the insulator is enough to prevent the insulator string from breaking off, the breaking rate of glass insulator is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of the product, and also the quality basis of the current project bidding and bidding commentary.