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Use of U-bolts
- Jan 26, 2018 -

U-bolts for mechanical equipment plays an important role in the connection, so for these parts to be paid attention to, can not ignore its role, today and we say U-bolt use must know precautions.
1, each operation 12000km for two level maintenance, should be removed engine oil pan, check engine bearing the use of the bush, if found that the gap between the individual bearings should be replaced, replacement should also be replaced by the connecting rod bolts. In peacetime operation if the engine is found to run unsteady, there is a different sound, should also be in time to check the car.
2, each repair should be replaced by the new connecting rod bolts for inspection, should pay attention to the head of the bolt, guide part, thread each part whether there are cracks or dents, the tooth shape of the thread, the pitch is abnormal, there are abnormal circumstances should be determined not to.
3. When assembling the connecting rod lid, the torsion wrench is used to tighten the torque, preventing the torsion from being too large and too small.
4, the selection of ancillary factory production of connecting rod bolts.