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The Factors that Affecting Cable Price
- Oct 22, 2018 -

First is the conductor material of the cable: the conductor of the cable is the most important component of the cable, conductor is the basic element to achieve the transfer of charge function, generally speaking, the cable has copper conductor and aluminum conductor two kinds, the latest product also has aluminum alloy conductor cable. Obviously, copper price is much higher than aluminum price, so copper core cable is much more expensive than aluminum core cable.

Secondly, the size of the cable cross-section, which is also the most important factor in the price of cable, it is obvious that the larger the cross-section of the cable, the higher the price.

The third is the cable insulation material, cable insulation material is also an important factor in the price of wire and cable, with the development of polymer, a variety of insulation materials also appear in the production of cables, often refractory, low smoke, halogen-free and other functions of insulation material prices will be much higher.