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The Classifications and Uses of Different Power Fittings
- Aug 08, 2018 -

The classifications and uses of the splicing fittings:

(1) The splicing sleeves. It is also called the pressure pipe, which is used for the connection of large cross-section conductors and the connection of ground wires.

(2) The repair sleeves. It is mainly used for repair of wire and lightning arrester.

(3) Parallel clamps. It is mainly used for connection of wire and ground wire jump line.

The classifications and uses of protective fittings:

(1) Anti-vibration damper. The vibration of wires and lightning arresters can be suppressed to prevent vibration.

(2) Preformed armor rods . Play the role of protecting the wire.

(3) Heavy damper. The overhanging angle of the suspension insulator string and the uplift of the conductor and the lightning conductor on the straight rod are suppressed.

(4) Spacer. The fixed split conductors are arranged into geometric shapes.

The classifications and uses of the wire fittings:

(1) UT clamps. Generally, the adjustable part is used to connect the lower part of the cable and the rod, and the non-adjustable part is used to connect the upper part of the cable, as well as flip-chip.

(2) Wedge-shaped clamp. It is used to fix the upper end of the rod and tower wire.

(3) The two board of bracing wire. Used in double pull wire.