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Tension Stringing Construction
- Sep 12, 2018 -

In the construction of high-voltage overhead transmission lines, the tension wiring method is used to lay out the conductors, and the tension wiring method is used to tighten the wires, hang the wires, attachment installation and other operations.

The basic characteristics of tension stringing are as follows:

(1) the conductor is in a state of overhead during the whole process of stringing construction.

(2) The construction section divided by drawing and tensioning field is a unit project of tension wire erection, and tension wire laying and tightening are carried out in the construction section.

(3) The construction section divided by stretching and tensioning field is not restricted by the design tensile section, so the straight-line tower can be selected as the starting and stopping tower of the construction section and laid out directly on the tensile tower.

(4) The line can be tightened on the straight tower and anchored on the straight tower. The tension tower through which the line is laid can also be tightened.

(5) make balanced or semi balanced thread on the tension tower of straight through line.

(6) the split conductor in the same phase requires simultaneous expansion and contraction.

On the premise of fully embodying the above characteristics, the process flow, construction machinery, construction organization and operation method of tension wire erection can be selected according to the specific conditions of the project.