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Tension clamp
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The tension clamp is used to fix the conductor or lightning conductor to the tension insulator string of the non-linear tower, which acts as anchor, and is also used to fix the cable of the cable tower.

According to the structure and installation conditions, the tension clamp can be broadly divided into two types. 

The first type: The tension clamp shall bear all the tension of the conductor or the lightning conductor. The gripping force of the wire clamp shall not be less than 90% of the rated tensile force of the installed conductor or the lightning conductor, but shall not be used as a conductor. This kind of wire clamp can also be removed after the wire is installed and used separately. This kind of clamp has bolt type tensile clamp and wedge type tension clamp.

The second type: tension clamp not only takes all pulling force of conductor or lightning conductor, but also acts as conductor. Therefore, once these clamps are installed, they can no longer be disassembled, also known as dead end clamps. As the conductor, the installation of the clamp must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the relevant installation procedures.

There are 6 characteristics of tension clamp:

1. The clamp has high strength and reliable grip strength. The grip strength of the clamp is not less than 95%CUTS.

2. The stress distribution of wires is uniform without damaging the rods. The anti-vibration ability of the wires is improved and the service life of the wires is prolonged greatly.

3. The installation is simple and convenient for construction. The construction time can be greatly shortened, no special tool is needed, and one person can complete the operation.

4. The installation quality of the clamp is easy to guarantee, and it can be inspected with naked eyes, without special training.

5. Good corrosion resistance and high quality materials. The material is exactly the same as the wire to ensure that the clamp has the ability to resist electrochemical corrosion.

6. you can choose the anti-theft ring to effectively solve the problem of burglary.