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- Feb 12, 2019 -

T-connectors are mainly used in overhead power lines or substations, which leads current branches in the form of "T" on the trunk of buses. It can be divided into bolt type and compression type. For small section conductors, parallel groove clamp or clamp elliptical connector can also be used as T-type connection.

The meanings of letters and numbers in product models are as follows:

T-T connection;Y-compression; L-bolt

Digital Representation of Nominal Section Area of Applicable Traverse

T-connectors are not less than 10% of the calculated breaking force of the conductor, but bolt clamp is suitable for conductor diameter greater than 49mm, not less than 3%. The DC resistance of the clamp is not greater than that of the same length conductor, and the interception temperature rise is lower than that of the conductor.

T-clamp with voltage of 330 kV or above is used, and no corona can be produced at the maximum operating voltage of 1.05 times.

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