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Socket Clevis
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Socket clevis is an important connection metal in power grid construction. It is mainly used to connect suspension clamp and insulator string. It plays the role of connecting conductor and insulation with other accessories.

Cause of rupture of socket clevis

The static load tension of the hanging conductor and the effect of wind, rain, snow and ice on the conductor increase the stress level of the failure socket clevis. At the same time, the iron tower where the failure socket clevis is located is near the thermal power plant. The large amount of water vapor, smoke and other industrial gases containing corrosive media (such as SO2, H2S, NaCl, etc.) discharged from the power plant over a long period of time may pass through the non-compact galvanized layer on the surface of the castings and directly corrode the matrix of the castings. There are a lot of surface and core cracks in the broken socket clevis, which are characterized by intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion. The sudden fracture of socket clevis castings is the result of this double corrosion damage. On the other hand, casting defects such as poor spheroidization, porosity and shrinkage in double socket clevis castings also seriously weaken the mechanical properties of the material matrix, thus accelerating the propagation process of corrosion cracks. Because bowl head castings endure a certain amount of stress for a long time, under the combined action of corrosive environment and stress, the crack source will occur at the defects on the surface of the castings, and rapidly spread along the grain boundary to the interior, resulting in stress corrosion cracking of socket clevis castings.