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Repair Process of Preformed Clamp
- Jan 22, 2019 -

Preformed clamp is a product of pre-stranded single spiral wire. According to the cross-section size of the conductor, the spiral wire with specified inner diameter rotates along the spiral direction to form a tubular cavity. The pre-stranded wire is wrapped in the outer layer of the conductor along the helix. Under the action of the tension of the conductor, the helix rotates to form the anchorage grip force on the conductor. The greater the tension of the conductor, the tighter the helix turns, the greater the grip force on the conductor. Previous repairing pre-stranded wires have been widely used in 35 kV and above lines, but they are seldom used in 10 kV lines, and can only be used in lines with 7% strand breakage and less damage range, which cannot achieve the effect of reinforcing. Preformed tension clamp is a new type of preformed product in recent years. It is used as a kind of jointing fittings. It can be used to replace the conventional clamping nozzles and clamping nozzles, and can be used to connect aluminum strands, aluminum alloy strands, steel-cored aluminum strands and other conductors to achieve its original mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.