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Repair Method of Steel Cable
- Jan 15, 2019 -

The repairing process of damaged steel-core aluminium conductors in 10 kV transmission lines is mainly carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Code for Construction and Acceptance of Overhead Power Lines 35 kV and below for Electrical Installation Engineering. According to the different damage degree of the conductor, the following repairing technologies are mainly used: No. 0 sandpaper grinding, winding repairing, repairing pipe repairing, straight line connecting pipe connecting. From the point of view of repairing method, the time of repairing wire by 0# sanding and winding process is shorter. However, these two methods can only cover the repair of steel-core aluminium conductors whose strength loss does not exceed 5% of the total breaking force and whose cross-section damage does not exceed 7% of the total cross-section area of the conductive part, which has considerable limitations. In reality, the damaged area of steel-core aluminium conductor is usually more than 7% after the short circuit occurs. For this reason, we have counted the total amount of wire repair in the whole year. The number of faults with damage area greater than 7% per year is 15, accounting for about 60% of the total faults. For the repair of damaged wires whose area is more than 7%, the main methods are repairing the damaged pipes and re-connecting the damaged wires with straight connecting pipes after sawing. However, these two processes require higher tools and labor force, and the construction process is more cumbersome, so the construction time is longer.