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Preformed Fittings
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Preformed fittings refer to the metal fittings with pre-formed spiral bars wound on wires or ground wires, used to bear mechanical or electrical loads.

The installation of preformed fittings is simple and fast. The installation speed and labor efficiency of the fittings are improved without special tools. The installation quality can be checked by visual inspection, and the installation inconsistency caused by the different operation of the tools used by the installation workers is eliminated. Because of the special structure design of the preformed tool, the pre-twisted wire is in the state of tighter and tighter because of the running tension after installation, which avoids the problems of creep and loosening of the fastening bolt caused by the long-term operation of the traditional metal tool. The use of preformed fittings can save a lot of operation and maintenance. These characteristics make the economy more intensive.

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