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Optical Cable Terminal Box
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Optical cable terminal box is mainly used for fixing optical cable terminal, fusion of optical cable and tail fiber, and accommodation and protection of residual fibers.

Functional requirements

1. It has the function of introducing optical cable, drawing out and fixing and protecting optical cable, distribution tail fiber and its middle optical fiber from damage.

2. It has the function of protecting the optical cable terminal from environmental impact.

3. It has the function of insulating the metal component of optical cable and the shell of the cable terminal box, and can easily lead out the grounding.

4. Provide the placement of optical cable terminals and the remaining storage space of optical fibers, and make the installation and operation convenient.

5. The box body can be fixed with sufficient impact strength and has corresponding installation functions in different use situations.

6. If necessary, it should have the function of divergent connection of optical cable and functional requirements.