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Matters should be paid attention to in the use of grounding wire(one)
- Jul 16, 2018 -

1. The grounding wire must be checked before work. Whether the soft copper wire is broken, whether the screw connection is loose or not, whether the elastic force of the hook is normal, and if it does not meet the requirements, it should be changed or repaired in time.

2. The prior electricity must be used before the grounding wire is hung, and the unchecked grounding wire is a common habit violation in the grass-roots level. The grounding wire cannot contact the body at the time of suspension.

4. When the ground pile is struck, it is necessary to allocate energy to borrow the earth to quickly dredge the accident and ensure the quality of the earth.

5. Take care of the grounding wire. The grounding wire should not be twisted during the use, and the soft copper wire plate should be good when it is not used. After the ground wire is dismantled, it should not fall from the air or fall in random. It is necessary to use the rope to pass the wire and pay attention to the cleaning of the ground wire.