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Line fittings
- Nov 15, 2018 -

All kinds of metal connectors used to fix crossbars, insulators, wires and conductors in overhead power lines are called line fittings. There are many kinds of line fittings. According to their usage, they can be divided into the following type:

(1) Fittings for connecting conductors with insulators and tower poles are called connecting fittings. It requires reliable connection, flexible rotation, high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance and convenient construction and maintenance. Connecting fittings include tension clamp, socket clevis, ball eyes, clevis, U shackle, and so on.

(2) Fittings used to connect broken ends are called splicing fittings. It is required to withstand certain working tension, reliable working contact surface, sufficient mechanical strength, etc. The splicing fittings include various aluminum pressure nozzles for connecting wires, parallel groove clamps for connecting wires on tension rods, etc.

(3) The fittings used for connection and tension are called guy wire fittings, which include wedge clamps, UT clamps, basket screws, etc.