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Lightning Arrester
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Lightning arrester is used to protect electrical equipment from lightning damage caused by high transient overvoltage, and limit the time of current continuation, but also often limit the amplitude of current continuation. Lightning arresters are sometimes referred to as overvoltage protectors  and overvoltage limiter. 

Lightning arrester is another important equipment which is often used to prevent lightning damage when communication cables  are used.

The lightning arrester is suitable for AC gapless metal oxide arrester to protect the insulation of AC transmission and transformation equipment from lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage damage. It is suitable for overvoltage protection of transformers, transmission lines, distribution panels, switchgear, power metering boxes, vacuum switches, parallel compensation capacitors, rotary motors and semiconductor devices.

AC gapless MOA has excellent non-linear voltage-ampere characteristics, good response characteristics, non-continuous current, large flow capacity, low residual voltage, strong ability to suppress overvoltage, anti-fouling, anti-aging, without altitude constraints, simple structure, no gap, tightly sealed, long life and other characteristics.

Under the normal working voltage of the system, the arrester shows a high resistance state, and only a micro safety current is passed. Under the action of over voltage and high current, it presents low resistance, thus limiting the residual voltage at both ends of the arrester.