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Glass insulator
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Cathay electrical equipment for you to open this article, this article mainly explains the overhead line power fittings in the glass insulator.

Insulators made of glass as materials are glass insulators. It is mainly used to fix wires to poles, and to insulate wires and poles. Insulator is one of the key components of high voltage transmission line, its performance directly affects the operation safety of the whole transmission line. Glass insulators are widely used because of their self destruction and easy maintenance.

In the first few years of production and operation, glass insulators have been found to have the following advantages over porcelain insulators:

Because of the high mechanical strength of the surface of the glass insulator, the surface is not easy to crack. The electrical strength of glass generally remains unchanged throughout the operation period, and its aging process is much slower than that of porcelain. Therefore, glass insulators are mainly scrapped due to self-damage, which occurs in the first year of operation. However, the defects of porcelain insulators are only found after several years of operation.

By using glass insulators, periodic preventive tests of live electricity conducted by insulators during operation can be cancelled. This is because every damage to tempered glass can cause damage to the insulator, and it is easy for operators to find it while patrolling the line. When the insulator is damaged, the glass fragments near the steel cap and iron foot are stuck, and the mechanical strength of the remaining part of the insulator is sufficient to prevent the insulator string from breaking off. The self-breaking rate of glass insulators is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of products, and it is also the quality basis for bidding evaluation of current transmission projects.

The materials used to make glass insulators are more stable in terms of their own composition than those used to make electroceramics, creating favorable conditions for stabilizing the electrical and mechanical properties of glass.

Because of the transparency of glass, it is easy to find small cracks and various internal defects and damages in the shape inspection.

The mechanical and electrical properties of toughened glass are much higher than those of porcelain, making the same type of insulator, and its size and weight are much smaller than those of porcelain insulators.

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