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Essential Information of Pre-stranded Wire
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Pre-stranded wire is used to connect overhead power wires and terminals, suspensions and joints of overhead optical cables. Preformed wires first appeared in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s. The initial products are spiral protective wires for bare conductor stress concentration position, electric corrosion and arc burning position protection.

Steel-cored aluminium conductor is the mainstream conductor widely used in 10 kV distribution network. It has a series of advantages, such as high tension strength, good lightning protection performance and low cost. It has been widely used in suburban junction and rural power network lines. However, once the steel-core aluminium conductor line is damaged by external forces or affected by bad weather, it is very easy to occur wire short-circuit fault. After the short circuit occurs, strand breakage will occur in the conductor. It is found that this situation must be repaired in time to avoid the continuation of loose strands leading to the reduction of mechanical and conductive properties of conductors.

The tension pre-stranded wire repair method can cover the repair of steel-cored aluminium conductors with damage area greater than 7%, and can even be used as connecting fittings for broken wires. Moreover, it has the advantages of simplified construction process, convenient material carrying, installation without other auxiliary tools, construction personnel can operate independently after a single teaching, smooth and beautiful appearance after installation, etc. By adopting this repair method, the complicated processes such as loosening, tightening and clamping are avoided, the labor intensity is reduced, and the labor productivity is improved. By shortening the repair time of conductors, the time of power failure is effectively reduced, and the reliability of power supply is improved.